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Tottenham: José Mourinho warns Dele Alli

Visiting a press conference this Wednesday before facing LASK tomorrow in the Europa League, José Mourinho was invited to speak about Dele Alli. The 24-year-old footballer has appeared only 7 times this season, most often in C3 (5 matches). Replacing in the spirit of the Special One, the one who was approached by PSG this summer is impatiently awaiting the winter transfer window. His trainer gave an update on him to the media.

“Those who don’t play a lot have only one thing to do is show during the minutes they have that they have to play. I have no problem with Dele. I have no problem with any of them. My players are happy when they are playing and they are unhappy when they are not. I don’t blame my players. It is only to help them improve their situation using the minutes they have. The concept above all the others is that the team is more important than any of us ”. The message got through.

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