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Tottenham: Mourinho turns on Dele Alli again

Announced with insistence on the departure of the side of PSG in particular, Dele Alli is still a player of Tottenham. A situation that begins to annoy his coach José Mourinho who blames the English midfielder for his lack of involvement. Asked in press conference on the situation of his 24-year-old player, José Mourinho did not wish to say more.

“The question is whether I let Dele Alli go without getting a player in exchange and I’m not going to answer it. This is not a question that I am comfortable with. Of course, I could answer it, but I’m not ready to do it. I am not ready to make my vision of the situation public ” he insisted. The Portuguese technician on the other hand indirectly denounced the attitude of the Englishman, who has only played four small matches this season. “In each locker room, there are players dissatisfied with their playing time. (…) There is the dissatisfied player, but professional, he is the one who considers that his duty is to work, to work, to work and to to work. And there is the hapless player who believes it is not his job to fight and work every minute for the team and for the club. “ The situation is therefore complicated for Dele Alli.

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