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Uber Eats launches “food” jerseys

Are you more Inter Kebab or Burger United? Or more Gyoza FC or even Poke Bowl Club? Title sponsor of Ligue 1, Uber Eats launches completely original football shirts inspired by the most popular dishes of its platform and makes you win them.

Uber Eats therefore imagined six fictitious teams and called on adidas for the production of the shirts for Real Spaghetti, Gyoza FC, Burger United, Atletico Nachos, Poke Bowl Club and Inter Kebab.

Each jersey has a personalized design, including the main course represented in an aesthetic and original way.

Note the zany and colorful side of Burger United, Atletico Nachos, Real Spaghetti and Poke Bowl Club shirts while the Gyoza FC and Inter Kebab shirts show more character.

To support your favorite food team and try to win one of the 1,500 jerseys up for grabs, you can go to the Uber Eats app by ordering in partner restaurants or participating in our Instagram competition.

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