What happens to former Barcelona player Yusuf Demir?


Arrived full of hope at FC Barcelona, ​​attacking midfielder Yusuf Demir was quickly disillusioned. Back in Austria, he tries to reinvigorate a positive dynamic in his career.

Arrived at FC Barcelona confidentially, Austrian attacking midfielder Yusuf Demir (19) was to evolve with the reserve before gradually joining the first team. Very quickly interesting and propelled into the first team, he was seen as an opportunity given that FC Barcelona had a purchase option at 10 million euros. However, he gradually left the squad to the point of being shelved, because a clause made his option to buy compulsory after 10 matches played. Leaving after 9 games in the Blaugrana jersey, the right winger did not take off after his return to Rapid Vienna.

“I left Barça feeling sad, but I matured and became a professional. I saw that people here are happy for me and I’m happy for me too. I want to play, have fun and have more fun. I’m hungry to want to win everything. My goal is to be first, second place is not enough for me. he explained a few days after his return to Austria. His adviser Sertan Günes was also optimistic for him in an interview for Sky Austria : “in any case, he is very happy to be back home. He knows what Rapid has to offer. The club also warmly welcomed him. It is important for him to have a clear head and to know that the environment is good so that he can fully concentrate on football. However, this return which could have given him good feelings did not have the expected effect.

Expectations too high?

In a team that finished 5th in the Austrian championship, Yusuf Demir did not necessarily shine with 14 matches to his credit and 1 goal scored. However, his coach Ferdinand Feldhofer had preferred to take the pressure off his young foal on the show Talk & Torus : “the development is 100% correct at the moment. A lot of expectations were poured into him with a lot of pressure. A dream temporarily broke. He is in good hands with us. We try to develop it well. He just has to take the step to become a regular player. Believing that the talent is still present, he does not want to rush the player still under contract until June 2024 with the Austrian formation.

Side rival Austria Vienna, Georg Teigl (31) also defended Yusuf Demir during the Talk & Tore show last April. According to him, the problem comes from the media pressure which did not help the player to digest this throwback: “You stand there six months ago and hear the Champions League anthem and then you have to come back to Rapid. He too wanted to take a step back, but the expectation is brutally high from the outside and we often forget that he is very young. You can see what the boy can do in training. Talent-wise, I don’t remember training with someone that age who was that good.”

Currently at Euro U19 with Austria, Yusuf Demir who is one of the stars of the competition will be able to recharge his batteries with players of his age. Aware that he does not have a player fully recovered mentally, coach Martin Scherb valued the notion of pleasure: “with us, he gets the minutes he needs. I know how ambitious he is. He just wants to play football. But we put a lot of pressure on him, so we will take his backpack away. Staying with us will do him good. With us, he is like everyone else. He helps the team and vice versa. After an initial defeat against England (2-0), Yusuf Demir and Austria must bounce back this Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. against Israel.

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