What is the French Football Federation playing with Kylian Mbappé?


Started more than four years ago, discussions between Kylian Mbappé’s entourage and the French Football Federation around the exploitation of the image of the Blues striker have long remained private. But in recent weeks, the situation has taken a different turn. Supported by his lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, the Parisian striker carries with him various requests, in particular about the Right to the collective image (DIC).

“If Kylian (Mbappé) does not accept the operation, he will have no money, that’s all. The players have 30% of what Fifa gives (the Blues and the staff share 30% of the overall allocation paid by Fifa or UEFA depending on the competitions)”. Here is what Noël Le Graët said recently about the case between the FFF and Bondynois about commercial operations with the sponsors of the France team. A media release by the president of the Blues who had not failed to surprise the 2018 world champion, also causing some confusion.

No brand blacklists!

And for good reason. If the number 7 of Paris Saint-Germain does indeed carry with him various requests as to the management of his image, he would like to modernize the current system of distribution of bonuses within the selection. Thus, according to our information and contrary to what was recently put forward by The Parisian, there have never been any brands explicitly cited in a “blacklist”. For KFC, Kylian Mbappé no longer appears in their advertising campaigns for the France team since the World Cup and there has been no new subject concerning this brand.

For Coca-Cola, it is the appearance of the players’ faces on the cans and it is a subject that concerns the minds of the former Monegasque and his lawyer less in their reflection on the question. Moreover, if we can guess the position of the Parisian star with regard to online betting, there was no expression on this subject, especially since the idea is not to come into opposition. with any brand but more to reflect on those that could more easily stick to the identity and values ​​of the player. Finally, concerning this question of commercial operations with the sponsors of the EdF, the entourage of the Bondynois hopes above all to be able to discuss with the authority in order to lay down a formal framework so that the use of his image is consistent with what he aspires. Far from the “you can choose” advocated by the FFF for a few years.

Kylian Mbappé wants to protect his convictions!

Still with this in mind, the Mbappé clan also wishes to discuss NFTs, a new domain of trademarks – involving a new right – and which can be considered not integrated into a decade-old convention. The subject of jerseys and dividends on their sales is also at the heart of the discussions. Therefore, the idea is obviously not to allow Mbappé to enrich himself thanks to the flocking of his name on the jerseys of the France team. It is above all a question of underlining its weight in the receipts generated by the Blues. A weight which he does not use to affirm a financial strength but a force of discussion in the defense of his convictions as to the use of the money which he can generate by the use of his image in the France team.

Another important clarification, the player himself has never asked for a penny on the money generated by the use of his image. A fight that the current best passer and scorer in Ligue 1 leads above all to defend and maintain the consistency of his image, especially since he is the most in demand at this level. Finally, it is also essential to underline that KM7 and its entourage have never claimed to judge or control the economic management of the 3F budget. Ultimately, the only desire, today, displayed by the French international is to establish a formal framework on the use of his image and on what the latter can generate. Personally, Kylian Mbappé also donates all the money earned in the France team to associations.

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