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    Four Retro Skills All in the Name of Tradition

    Over the last thirty years, the world has been transformed by what is referred to as the digital age. Even those of us in our twenties or thirties can reflect back to a time when technology was not so integral to our daily lives. Despite this, it is next to impossible to think of the world functioning today without the internet and its associated technologies. Before you start presuming things, this article is most definitely not an attempt to suggest that a return to ‘the good old days’ would be a solution to the modern condition. We are not trying to keep it secret, we absolutely love the internet and what modern technology allows us to do. However, just because we are fans of the digital age, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a soft spot for keeping some old traditions alive. 

    This article has been put together to highlight four retro skills that you can try your hand at and all in the name of keeping culture alive. Traditions have the power to act as a compass for all our human relationships and personal interaction, so if you are looking for some new ways to ground yourself in the moment, you have come to the right place. Furthermore, we will even offer some digital adaptions for a couple of the skills to make the retro current again! So, let’s dive in…

    Card Dealing

    Still to this day, there is something incredibly endearing about a casino. The people are well dressed, the tables are clean, and the atmosphere conveys the feeling that anything could happen at any given moment. To put it another way, tension and excitement blend in way that is truly unique on the casino floor.

    One of the most endearing aspects of a casino can be found at the poker table. Watching a dealer expertly shuffle, deal, reveal and collect multiple decks of cards is a truly mesmerizing experience. For those looking to try their hand at the art form, the digital age has ironically provided the perfect solution. It is now possible to find expert casino games courses online in order to master the art of card dealing. This is one profession that could easily be done by robots one day, so by taking up the challenge, you will be continuing a long and wonderful tradition.

    Playing Records

    Record players have seen an incredible resurgence in recent years with vinyl record sales in 2021 at their highest level for 30 years. While it may seem odd to some, records simply sound better. Additionally, it has resurrected the ritual of listening to music. Instead of playing a playlist created by an algorithm, you get to experience the music as the artist intended by listening to an album in its entirety.

    Some modern record players even allow you to convert records in a digital format, allowing you to hear the stylus moving along the groove of the record even when you are on the go. It may not be for everyone at first, but give it a go and it could completely transform your listening experience. 


    Much like record players, typewriters are making a comeback for a number of reasons. Firstly, they look great, with many people picking up one to simply display it as a piece of art in their homes.

    However, there are more reasons to it than this. Many people complain about the difficulty of concentrating when they are typing on a laptop. This is no big surprise given that they have access to anything the mind could think of on the same device. A typewriter removes the temptation to procrastinate. 

    Another reason is that there is something wonderfully human about a mechanical typewriter. Despite the ink sometimes being blotchy and the human regularly being error prone, there is something beautifully human about how a finished page of typewriting looks and feels. And hey, if you want to keep a digital copy, simply scan the paper in order to create a digital back-up! 


    Learning how to ferment foods is an amazing skill to learn. Fermented foods taste great, look great and are the ideal way to keep your gut healthy and clean. Again, the internet is full of recipes to help get yourself started. 

    We recommend starting with a classic sauerkraut. You will be the envy of your friends when they come over and trust us, showing up to a dinner party with some homemade fermented salsa is a great way to make an impression!

    A Final Note

    So there you have it, four fantastic retro skills that will allow you to express yourself and keep an old tradition alive at the same time!

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