HomeSportsJose Mourihno ends up booked after calling Southampton coach an Idiot

    Jose Mourihno ends up booked after calling Southampton coach an Idiot

    Tottenham’s head coach Jose Mourinho has again hit the sports headlines after ending up in a book during the Tottenham match against Southampton. The controversial Jose ended up in the booked list after calling the Saints manager an idiot. These occurred during the second half period when the spurs manager tried to peep their opponent’s tactics, which led to an unwelcomed reaction by the Southampton bench where he called the manager an ‘idiot’.

    These series of events occurred moments shortly after Hurrikane’s leveller was denied for an offside. Mourinho agreed that he deserved the yellow card, but his statement after the match seemed to contradict. In his statement regarding the yellow card, he said:

    “I think the yellow card is fair because I was rude, but I was rude to an idiot,” he said.

    The match ended 1-0 in favour of the saints who got the only match goal 17 minutes into the game through Danny Ings. Spurs, however, lost their talisman Hurricane during the start of the second half period to a thigh injury. Kane got replaced by Erick Lamela with Jose Mourinho admitting to facing a spell. Two of Spurs players suffered an injury one being Tanguy Ndombele who picked an injury during the first half.

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