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    Lottoland Comes To The Rest of Africa!

    For years citizens of Africa have longed to play the lotteries from other countries that provide huge payouts. The top three are EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, and the US Powerball. The prizes in the international lotteries are so large that when converted to Rands, they are usually worth billions. Lottoland is an international lottery fixed-odds betting company. Lottoland South Africa was launched in 2019, allowing anyone with a SA identification number to set up an account. They could then place bets for these (and many other fixed-odds) lotto products from around the globe. Now this industry leader has announced they are accepting members from all parts of Africa. Non-nationals are allowed to create an account and bet on games from anywhere in the world.

    What is fixed-odds betting?

    Fixed-odds betting is all done digitally. You do not go out and buy tickets. The game looks and plays just like the ticketed games in the country of origin, but you are placing bets on the game’s outcome.

    You place your bets based on the numbers you believe will be drawn in the official lottery. If your numbers are correct, Lottoland matches the prizes and pays you the winnings. Lottoland is fully insured and licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Lottoland is an industry leader, and placing bets with them is safe. Winnings are guaranteed and regulated. They pay the winnings directly to your bank account. You will find an interesting article about this here.

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    Getting Started

    You can access Lottoland from your laptop or desktop computer from your home or office. However, most people enjoy the freedom and ease of downloading the Lottoland app and playing from their smartphone.

    Using your smartphone to access Lottoland means you can place your bets or check results, or do any number of activities while you are in transit. Use the app while you are on the train, bus, or waiting for your dinner to be served. Access the site while waiting for an appointment or while doing laundry on your day off. You are not restricted to any one spot. You do not have to be near your home or office, and you do not need to be plugged into the internet. Use the WiFi that you use every day. Your free time is easily utilized from playing the lotteries, checking results, reading articles, and playing casino games.

    The first step is setting up your account. This is a free service that takes only a moment or two. You will fill in the blanks with your names, address, email, and other basic information. Because you are setting up an account that will allow you to purchase bets, you will need to enter a payment method. There are various options provided for you. Remember, your future winnings will be deposited into the accounts you choose, so check your information carefully before you hit submit.

    Currently, you may use the following cards to fund your account:

    • Visa
    • Master Card
    • Snap Scan
    • Zapper
    • 1Voucher
    • SidEFT

    You also have the option of using a direct deposit from your bank accounts to fund your account. However, it takes 24-hours (or more depending upon your bank and the time you make the transaction) for the funds to post to your account. With this option, you will not be able to place your bets until the funds post to your player account.

    When you have won money, you will return to your dashboard, and once in your account, click the payout button. You will follow a few simple steps, and the prize is deposited into your account. The payout is normally completed within 24 to 48 hours.

    Setting up your account is easy. If you have any questions, there are customer service agents on hand to assist you.


    It is an exciting time to play international lotteries for people who live in Africa. While they looked on in the past at the major and life-changing amounts of cash offered in other countries, going to another country for a chance at becoming a winner was not a realistic goal. Today, they can step up for their chance at the prize. When it comes to winning the lottery, everyone is equal. No one has a better chance than anyone else at getting the perfect numbers.

    People bet on lotteries for different reasons. For some, it is an investment in a fantasy life that could someday come true. For others, it is a tradition handed down from one generation to another playing “lucky numbers” that will one day pay off. Some people like to join the fun of a syndicate and enjoy the anticipation of the draw. Whatever the reason is, people like the lottery, and fixed-odds betting online makes it easy.

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