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The Australian Open already has its alternative ‘bubbles’

Little did the organization of the Australian Open imagine that a month before the celebration of their tournament they would be looking for a hotel to be able to host tennis players from other countries.

But in that situation they found themselves when they had to cancel the contract with the Westin hotel, where everything was already planned to receive the hundreds of tennis players and the respective staffs in order to pass the obligatory 14-day quarantine upon entering the country and before starting the competition. Just 10 days after the arrival of the protagonists of the Australian Open they had no place where to install the ‘bubble’ forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fact is that at the Westin Hotel there are many clients, most of them elderly, who live there all year round in apartments and room-suites and were not willing to allow such a large number of people to arrive in the same facilities with the possibility of infecting them with the disease. COVID-19.

They were very ‘warriors’ and threatened Tennis Australia, organizer of the event, to take the matter to court for not having previously communicated to the clients the intentions to host the entire expedition of the tournament in a ‘bubble’ and in this way to prevent it from settling in the Westin.

Finally, the residents of the hotel where many of the tennis players traditionally ‘lived’ during the Australian Open due to its perfect location, they won the war and Tennis Australia broke the contract and looked for an alternative.

Alternative hotels to the Westin

Faced with the impossibility of finding a single hotel to accommodate all tennis players, a perfect formula to have all guests controlled, Tennis Australia has decided distribute the tennis family in several hotels, including the Hyatt.

What they are organizing is that tennis players who stay in the same hotel travel together on the same plane and later train together on a schedule that is already defined in advance. In this way it minimizes the diversification of contacts so that, if a positive is detected, direct contacts are the least possible. It seems that despite the adversity of the Westin Hotel, everything is under control.

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