NaiNotepad: Karuri: Warrior who had a soft spot for the Church

Paramount Chief Karuri wa Gakure

He has a town named in his honour in Central Kenya.

Karuri town, nestled between Nairobi, Kiambu, Kikuyu and Limuru, was named after Paramount Chief Karuri wa Gakure, nicknamed Mutongoria (leader).

Karuri town began as a meeting point of colonial era paramount chiefs from Central Kenya. Chief Karuri trooped there from Murang’a County and owing to his power, fame and fortune, the town gradually took his name: Ndenderu/Ruaka, Kiambaa, Kihara/Gachie and Muchatha, are all electoral wards in Karuri town.

Chief Karuri, a warrior, medicine man and elephant…

Source – Standard Media