Best Free Driver Updater Software for Windows in 2020


PC drivers play an integral role, helping essential software components to interact well with your computer’s operating system. They are used by both the operating system and other hardware devices to send and receive data. On the other hand, driver updater software functions as the name implies – to update PC drivers.

Keeping your essential computer drivers up to date is necessary not only for better functionality but also for the health of your machine. Microsoft regularly provides updates for some critical PC driver; however, there are several which are usually left out.

This is why you should look for a powerful driver updater download, which works much faster than the primary tools provided for by Microsoft.

Most of these programs are free to use and will eliminate the tedious work of searching for the updates manually. Some vendors might dupe you into purchasing driver updater tools, which will not even accomplish any tasks the free versions cannot.

With numerous tools on the internet, it can be a bit daunting trying to pick the right one. Take a look at our comprehensive list of the 10 best free driver updater software of 2019.

1.  Driver Booster

This is a great driver updater software to look for when you want to search for outdated drivers on your PC. Apart from just looking for the outmoded drivers on your computer, it will search its extensive database for the right updates.

In addition, you can identify missing and faulty drivers and have them added also.

To save on space and boost your computer’s functionality, the software will prompt you to uninstall drivers, which you do not need anymore. Downloading updated drivers inside the Driver Booster software is beneficial as you will save yourself the trouble of handpicking the right ones manually.

Furthermore, there is a backup and restore feature which stores your current version of drivers before you install the updated ones.

Should it not work out, you can easily revert to the previous ones as you find alternative methods.

Pros of Driver Booster

  • Easy to install and use
  • You can easily download the programs from inside the software
  • A backup and restore point is created before installing new drivers
  • Can be scheduled to scan for outdated drivers
  • There is no limit to the number of drivers to be updated

Cons of Driver Booster

  • An internet connection is mandatory for a scan to be performed
  • Expect to find bloatware and ads

2.  DriverPack Solution

Working almost flawlessly to detect and replace outmoded PC drivers for all Windows computers, the DriverPack Solution software is yet another utterly free driver updater. It is very beneficial as it is a portable software, with the user allowed even to launch it from a USB flash drive.

This software is also highly advantageous as one does not require an internet connection to download the latest drivers. All you need to do is to download the DriverPack Offline version, and you are ready to go.

The lightweight program is elementary to install, and it also comes with a user-friendly interface.

If wondering how to update Windows 10, this program will offer you both a basic solution and an advanced way of detecting and replacing outdated drivers.

Pros of DriverPack Solution

  • You can download and install updated drivers without an internet connection
  • Drivers are automatically installed without the need for prompts
  • Updating drivers is fast

Cons of DriverPack Solution

  • Does not support scheduled updates
  • It might install toolbars without your permission

3.  DriverMax

This is one of the best driver updater programs offering a whole lot of reasons to get it. It supports pre-set scans and has automated driver installations. The software is compatible with all Windows versions, from the oldest Windows XP to Windows 10.

After performing a scan, the program will guide you on which drivers urgently require an update. It will also show you the ones which are currently using updated versions, and there will be no need to uninstall them.

The backup and restore feature comes in handy when the updated drivers are not well compatible with your computer; in that case, you can re-install your previous versions.

The entire download process takes place in the software itself, without having to check on other websites. For advanced functionality, you may be prompted to check on the drivers to be installed so that you do not end up downloading unnecessary tools.

The biggest drawback one can face when using this program is the limited number of downloads it supports. One can only download two drivers per day. However, this should not be a major concern, as updates do not occur daily.

You will still have the chance to update all the necessary ones in good time.

Pros of DriverMax

  • Automatic scheduler and download of driver updates
  • Backup and restore feature
  • Has the ability to detect unknown hardware devices

Cons of DriverMax

  • Cannot perform bulk downloads of drivers
  • A limited number of update downloads to only two per day and only ten per month

4.  Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer is also one of the best driver updater freeware to consider should your drivers become outdated. One of the biggest perks to having this software is that it does all the work for you – literally. It will scan your system, find outmoded drivers, downloads them, and installs them easily.

Offline drivers are also available, meaning those who do not have an internet connection will appreciate this program. The software supports bulk downloads, and you can install all the essential drivers at the same time.

You will not experience the limited downloads drawbacks, which you can expect in some other free to use driver updater software.

Furthermore, you will love this software if you do not like running into those irritating ads and low download speeds. A restoring feature is also made with this software as it comes in handy whenever you install an update that may not be compatible with your device. You can always revert to your previous drivers.

Even though it is packed with numerous features for a free program, this tool also has a few drawbacks. The user-interface is not intuitively designed. This makes it difficult for beginners to maneuver through it.

However, it can get better if you are patient enough to learn its nitty-gritty.

Pros of Snappy Driver Installer

  • Supports offline driver installations
  • It is an entirely portable driver updater software
  • No advertisements
  • Drivers are downloaded within the program

Cons of Snappy Driver Installer

  • The user interface is not friendly to beginners
  • It does not support scheduled scans

5.  Driver Genius

To safely enhance the performance of your Windows PC and keeping the system acting as a new one, Driver Genius is the answer you are looking for. This product from Driver-Soft comprehensively digs out all the software and hardware in your PC listing out all the missing, faulty, or outdated drivers.

Working on a smart engine, this program works pretty fast to return effective results within a short time. As much as the software is easy to download, it is not the easiest for novice computer users.

One other disappointing feature with Driver Genius is that it does not guarantee its users that all the driver updates are from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This means that the updates you receive may not be compatible with your computer and could easily cause problems.

The good thing is that the program allows you to backup existing drivers and restore them should the new update not work as planned.

Pros of Driver Genius

  • Fairly consistent in finding outdated drivers
  • You can set automatic updates
  • Supports multiple languages

Cons of Driver Genius

  • There is no OEM source guarantee
  • There is no option to uninstall old and unwanted drivers
  • Does not have a scheduling feature

6.  Driver Easy

Designed to be of great help to both beginners and advanced users, Driver Easy is a sophisticated tool with numerous powerful capabilities. You can automatically download the essential updated drivers. However, you are left with the sole task of installing them.

This driver updater tool is not only free for personal use but also for commercial purposes.

Saving you lots of space not to download what you already have, the software gives you a comparison of the update and the current drivers. With this information, you can gauge for yourself whether or not it is worth a download.

You can enjoy fast driver downloads with a few clicks. However, you will have to be patient enough as bulk downloads are not supported in this tool.

This is not a completely free software as some features are locked out and available after you have upgraded to the premium version. An example of such features is the ability to backup drivers.

Furthermore, even though there is an option to work offline, there isn’t much one can do as the tool only works then to fetch the network driver. Either way, this is still a pretty decent free driver updater software to check and update your outdated drivers.

Pros of Driver Easy

  • Displays hardware information
  • Silently downloads drivers in the program
  • Displays full system info

Cons of Driver Easy

  • Features such as backing up drivers are only available once you pay for the pro version
  • Limited offline capabilities
  • Bulk downloading isn’t supported

7.  Smart Driver Updater

With a vast database of drivers, Smart Driver Updater can comfortably be referred to as one of the most compatible driver utility tools. With scheduled scans that can run regularly, you scan your computer daily or even once after a few months.

The program will get you all the information regarding your current drivers and also ensures that the updates are only obtained from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sources.

You will be shown which drivers need to be updated. Users are, however, advised to utilize the backup and restore feature just in case the new ones fail to work. You can overall delete old files saving you lots of space.

Pros of Smart Driver Updater

  • Automatically scans for outdated drivers on PC
  • Exclusion feature which allows you to skip specific drivers from a scan
  • Backup and restore drivers for later use
  • Only sources OEM drivers

Cons of Smart Driver Updater

  • It does not find a large number of outdated drivers, unlike its rivals.

8.  Free Driver Scout

Being one of the best driver updater software, Free Driver Scout is simply amazing as it provides true automatic updating. This essentially means that the software will scan for updates for you, search for them, download them, and finally install them without prompting you to click on anything.

The OS Migration tool is one other unique feature available on this program. You should run it when you change the operating system on your computer. After that, you can find the drivers for your new OS or the old one without having to conduct extensive searches.

Pros of Free Driver Scout

  • It is a true automatic updater
  • Drivers can be downloaded in bulk
  • Supports scheduled and manual scans

Cons of Free Driver Scouts

  • The setup might try installing unnecessary updates
  • Fails to detect several outmoded drivers

9.  Driver Talent

Previously referred to as DriveTheLife, Driver Talent is a driver updater tool that saves you the troubles of having to go to the internet to manually search for updates. Apart from scanning for and updating missing and outdated drivers, this software also fixes the broken ones.

Furthermore, one can easily also backup their installed driver updates to be re-installed in case there is a problem with the new ones.

This program steps a notch higher as it offers more basic information on the driver, such as its version number and release date. With this, you can easily verify that you are getting what you wanted. Network drivers are also an alternative to working offline.

This works much better should you not have any proper network driver installed.

Pros of Driver Talent

  • The software gets installed quickly and easily
  • Drivers are downloaded from inside the software
  • Drivers are backed up before any installation
  • The program is favorable to both the beginners and advanced users

Cons of Driver Talent

  • Bulk downloading isn’t supported as you have to download each driver individually
  • The scheduler can’t be customized

10. DriverIdentifier

If you are searching for the simplest program to use when scanning and updating outdated PC drivers, look no further than DriverIdentifier. While the way it is operated is somewhat different from the others, it is still very much compatible with all Windows PCs.

If you are not connected to the internet, you can still scan your system for drivers. They are then saved in the form of an HTML file. When you open the file, the program will cross-check the results with its database.

If the drivers need an update, a link will be provided next to them on where they can be seamlessly downloaded.

Pros of DriverIdentifier

  • Works offline
  • Can be used as a portable program
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Crucial information on the updates is displayed

Cons of DriverIdentifier

  • You have to register an account before you can download an update
  • No scheduled scans
  • The user has to download updates from the links provided manually

Bottom line

Whether you have the oldest or latest Windows operating systems, you ought to have updated drivers at all times. Keeping your drivers up to date ensures that you get the best performance from your computer and other hardware devices.

With a plethora of features to boost how your Windows computer performs, these 10 best driver updater programs of 2020 will surely give you a starting point. Which one suits best your needs?

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