Disconnecting Netflix from other devices


Netflix (Android | iOS | Web) is the biggest streaming service today. Although the platform currently has three plan options with lower values ​​compared to pay-TV, many people end up sharing accounts.

This is not illegal, and Netflix itself encourages this sharing by setting a maximum number of simultaneous screens on which an account can be used. The problem is that when this limit is exceeded, the service starts showing errors and prevents the account owner from enjoying what he is paying. In addition, there is the possibility of strange access to your account.

To resolve this impasse, the platform provides a function that shows who recently accessed the account, displaying information so that the user can check where their account is being used. In this case, also consider changing your password. See below how to do this and disconnect logged devices.

How to check the devices that access your Netflix account

Step 1: to start the process, log into your Netflix account and click on your profile.

Step 2: go to “Account” to open the options.

Step 3: scroll down and go to “Recent broadcast activity on devices” and click on it.

Step 4: a list of the devices used will appear, date and time of the last access and location.

Disconnecting your Netflix account from other devices

Step 1: access your Netflix account and go to “Account”.

Step 2: scroll down to the settings and click on “Log out on all devices”. But remember: there is not yet a feature available to log out of a specific device, so this action will disconnect all devices. So, have the password in hand to access again.

Step 3: select “Sign out” and all devices will be logged out of your account.

Ready! Now you know how to check the history of the devices using your account and how to disconnect them.


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