Facebook and Instagram to allow users hide likes count on posts


Facebook and Instagram will now allow their users to hide the number of public likes they get on their own posts and other people’s posts appearing in their feed.

The latest move comes after years of criticism on Facebook-owned platforms, particularly Instagram- create a pressurized and toxic social environment that sometimes affects body image and mental health.

Often, users are anxious and feel embarrassed when their posts don’t get a certain anticipated number of likes, something that the new feature seems to address.

Users of the platforms will have more control of whether or not they want to see likes count for posts in their feed.

The company says the feature will let users “focus on the photos and videos being shared instead of how many likes the posts get.”

Likes have been a great power of engagement and interaction on the social sites with other users equating them to real-world success.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri told reporters the feature has been under testing since 2019 and it was now time to “let the users decide.”

“Some people really liked it while others didn’t. For those who liked it, it was mostly what we had hoped, which is that it depressurizes the usage experience; those who didn’t use likes to get a sense of what is trending and relevant,” Mosseri said.

Mosseri further said that the company is still moving forward with plans to create Instagram for Kids.

“I have to believe that it is better for everyone involved to give parents oversight and transparency, and control into kids using Instagram than to pretend they are not lying about their age today,” he said.

The feature has rolled out on Instagram today and will be available on Facebook in the next few days.

Here’s how to hide likes on your Facebook posts

Want to hide likes on your Facebook posts? You have two options; to hide likes on new content when publishing or hide likes on all content posted on your account. To hide likes on all posts, go to Facebook’s Settings page, click on Advanced Settings, then Hide Like and View Counts.

How to hide likes on other peoples’ posts

You may choose to hide likes count on other people’s posts by going to Settings > Posts > Hide Like and View Counts.

Like counts on individual posts can also be hidden after publishing by tapping on the number of likes and choosing “Hide Likes Count.”


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