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10 best anime according to reviews [Crunchyroll & Netflix]

Netflix and Crunchyroll bring together several animes, subtitles and dubbed in Portuguese, of different types and genres. Some of them are considered better than others by the critics and the public, either because of the quality plot, first-rate animation or because of charismatic characters. Discover the top 10 available on both platforms.

Rating criteria

Most press and critical note aggregating platforms do not take anime productions into account. Therefore, this list is based on the My Anime List, a site known for aggregating critical and public assessment notes.

Another rule followed to list the anime below is availability: only those productions that are available in one or both platforms are present, in order of decreasing quality.

In addition, the list merges series and movies, as long as they are anime.

Best Crunchyroll and Netflix Anime

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Crunchyroll and Netflix) – Note 9.22

The story of the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who performed a forbidden alchemy ritual and lost part of their bodies – or totally in the case of Alphonse. Years later they enlist in the army to discover secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone and bring their bodies back, but discover a general conspiracy within the corporation.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Gintama (Crunchyroll) – Note 9.12

Gintama is an “anime of many animes”. The comedy production plays and parodies several other series, while we follow the saga of the hero Sakata Gintoki, one of the founders of the Yorozuya group, who performs tasks as mercenaries around the world.


Hunter X Hunter 2011 (Crunchyroll) – Note 9.11

Hunter X Hunter had already received an animation in 1999, but the “remake” version, from 2011, is usually more liked. The series focuses on Gon, who dreams of becoming a Hunter and following his father’s dreams. The anime is inspired by the original manga by Yoshihiro Togashi, the same creator as Yu Yu Hakusho.

Hunter X Hunter 2011

Attack on Titan (Crunchyroll) – Note 9.07

One of the great anime phenomena in recent years, Attack on Titan shows what happened to humanity after the appearance of the Titans, gigantic creatures that feed on people. Humanity has set up cities surrounded by walls to continue to survive, but everything goes wrong when one of them is breached by a Colossal Titan.

Attack on Titan

March Comes in like a Lion (Crunchyroll and Netflix) – Grade 9.01

Orphaned and without friends, Rei becomes a professional shogi player in his teens and begins to learn more about the world when three sisters take care of him. The anime is very dramatic and has adult themes.

March Comes in like a Lion

The Voice of Silence: Koe no Katachi (Netflix) – Note 9.01

An old bully tries to make peace with a deaf girl he tormented at school. He thinks he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, but he will try to do the right thing. Animated film directed by Naoko Yamada.

The Voice of Silence

Your Name. (Netflix) – Note 9.00

Two young men, a girl who lives in the countryside and a boy who lives in the city, change bodies for a mysterious reason and begin to live in realities quite different from their own. A romance that travels through time and still brings great emotions. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Makoto Shinkai.

Your Name.

Owarimonogatari (Crunchyroll) – Note 8.93

During the month of October of his third year in high school, Kanbaru Suruga introduces to Koyomi Araragi his new classmate, the transferred student Ougi Oshino. Ougi tells Koyomi that she would like to consult him about the peculiar discovery she made when looking at the Naoestu school map she had drawn.


Code Geass (Netflix) – Note 8.91

Lelouch Lamperouge is a young student who lives in an Empire called Britannia. With an introverted personality, but very intelligent, the young student actually keeps a great secret, which he intimately wishes to forget: he is one of the successors to the throne of Britannia.

Code Geass

Haikyuu !! (Crunchyroll) – Note 8.90

Haikyuu !! is a series of volleyball and one of the most praised in the sports genre, not only for the realism in relation to the sport but also for the high quality animation and charisma of the characters. The story is focused on Shoyo Hinata, who is interested in volleyball almost by accident and starts to defend the school team.

Haikyuu !!

So, which one will you watch first?

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