14th generation Intel Meteor Lake can count on TSMC manufacturing


Site sources Commercial Times suggest that 14th generation Intel Meteor Lake processors should feature chips manufactured by TSMC. Although there are still no official announcements or confirmations, the recent drastic change in strategy with the opening of their own factories to competitors and the partnership with the Taiwanese foundry for the production of gamer Arc GPUs reinforce this possibility.

Intel Meteor Lake may bring chips made by TSMC

According to the information, Intel is expected to use TSMC’s 3 nm (N3) lithograph to manufacture the integrated GPUs of Meteor Lake processors, which will be separated on a dedicated die.

The Taiwanese giant would also be responsible for the SoC-LP, a section of the processor dedicated to memories and connectivity options such as the PCI-E bus and Wi-Fi network, which can be manufactured using the 5nm N5 or 4nm N4 process . The Compute Tile, area dedicated to the processing cores, would be kept in the hands of Intel, using the Intel 4 lithograph, of 7 nm.

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The rumors are supported by multiple factors: the first is Intel’s new business plan, IDM 2.0, whereby the company not only opens its own foundries to serve competitors, but also starts to distribute the production of some of its products to rivals, ensuring “that processors always use the best technology,” according to the company.

More importantly, Intel and TSMC are already partnering to manufacture other components, including Intel Arc GPUs for gamers, which use 6nm N6 lithography, as well as parts of Ponte Vecchio, the high-performance computing graphics solution from company. In this way, establishing a new agreement for the Meteor Lake line would be natural.

14th generation is first with MCM design

Following the debut of hybrid architecture in the 12th generation Alder Lake, Intel will once again reimagine its processor family with the 14th generation Meteor Lake. Also equipped with a hybrid design, the 14th generation would be the company’s first to reach common consumers using the Multi-Chip Module (MCM) format, in which the larger chip is composed of several smaller chips, also called chiplets.

In the case of Meteor Lake CPUs, Intel has already confirmed three different chiplets: the Compute Tile, with a combination of the new high-performance Redwood Cove P-Colours and low-power Crestmont E-Colours, the SoC-LP, with the elements of connectivity and memories, and the GPU Tile, bringing integrated graphics with up to 192 Execution Units (EUs), the largest integrated GPU ever developed by Intel.

The 14th generation of the Santa Clara giant is expected to hit the market in 2023, possibly in the last quarter of the year, if the company maintains the cycle of launches seen so far.

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