30 incredible details from Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Available for Nintendo Switch and Wii U, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild became one of the franchise’s biggest hits. Elected Game of the Year in 2017 at The Game Awards and several other awards, the open world game starring Link has several details and curiosities that are still being discovered, even years after launch.

If you’ve already ventured to Hyrule but don’t know all the secrets or are embarking on this trip for the first time, it’s worth checking out the following list, in which we’ve separated 30 incredible details from Breath of the Wild.

1. You can survive the cold environments without needing potions or clothing by equipping the lit torch or a Fire Rod, the wand of fire.

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2. As in real life, the temperature in the desert is lower in the shade than in the sun. At night, the desert also lowers the temperature.

3. Killing animals in very hot or very cold climates can yield frozen or cooked meats. Hitting these animals with arrows or ice and fire weapons has the same effect.

4. You can ride some wild animals, such as a Bear.

5. If you throw a boomerang at the Lizalfos, they may end up catching it, as this is their default weapon in the game.

6. If you hit a Hinox in the eye twice, he will cover the weak spot with his hands.

7. The phrase “Game Over” changes color according to the death context: if you die electrified, it will appear in a yellow tone, for example.

8. Shoot ice arrows at Death Mountain enemies and watch them evaporate.

9. Shooting a fire arrow at grass can create a current of air, which can be used to glide.

10. It is possible to find destroyed versions of classic locations in the franchise, such as the Lon Lon Ranch of Ocarina of Time.

11. During storms, Link can’t have anything metal on hand, let alone any metallic item in his clothing. If so, prepare to be struck by lightning.

12. Still in the electricity and metal relationship, if Link or an enemy is hit by a shock arrow or an electrical attack, he will be electrocuted and drop the metal weapon he was using.

13. If you travel to the mountains to the far north of Hebra, you can enjoy, if you’re lucky, the beautiful phenomenon of the aurora borealis in the night sky.

14. If Link is exposed to the sun in hot areas for a long time, he will get sunburn

15. In Death Mountain, if you draw a normal arrow, it will automatically catch fire.

16. If you don’t have clothes suitable for walking in Gerudo Desert, drop a two-handed weapon made of metal on the ground and use the Magnesis rune to lift the object to the sky. The shadow cast by the weapon will cool Link’s temperature.

17. Cooking during the Blood Moon improves the effects of the dishes you make.

18. In some villages, it is possible to see recipes for dishes in establishments.

19. Lynels can be thrown into the air if they run over or hit a Chuchu Jelly; and the same can happen with Link.

20. A magical deer is found at night on top of Satori Mountain. The Mountain Lord is a tribute to Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s iconic CEO who passed away during the development of Breath of the Wild.

21. In Hyrule Castle, where Link faces Calamity Ganon, it is possible to see below the Triforce the musical positions of Zelda’s Lullaby, music that can be learned in Ocarina of Time.

22. Moblins that are near the edge of rivers and lakes can clean themselves or quench their thirst by drinking water.

23. If you throw a round bomb towards a field of Moblins and Bokoblins, they will kick the object away.

24. In Death Mountain, don’t use Bomb Arrows, they will explode before you can use them.

25. You can cook apples and hazelnuts quickly by throwing them right into the fire.

26. Wearing the mask of some animals makes them ignore you, except for Lynel. Because he’s very smart, he’ll realize you’re a fake Lynel.

27. During the memory that Link accesses upon arriving at Kaara Kaara Bazaar in the Gerudo Desert, the franchise’s main theme briefly plays when Link rescues Zelda from the Yiga Clan.

28. Next to the pedestal where the Master Sword is found by Link, it is possible to see several Silent Princess, Zelda’s favorite flower in Breath of the Wild.

29. If you stop with Link near a bridge and stay there too long, a guard will try to convince you not to jump.

30. Becoming friends with the dogs in the stables makes them dig up treasures for you.

Did you already know some of these details? Or do you know all and other secrets too? Share with us on social networks!

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