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5 Google Maps functions that are little known

Over the years, Google Maps technology (Android | iOS | Web), which is Google’s map and location service, has developed resources to improve the user experience by developing a community of contributors to the platform.

In addition, Maps has several interactions that can be performed when searching for routes, you can search for alternative routes and also start races in ride apps like Uber, 99 and Cabify, using the route searched on Maps. Next in our article check out Google Maps functions that are little known.

The following tutorial was carried out through the Google Maps application that is available for devices (Android | iOS).

Little-known Google Maps features

1. What’s new

One of the interesting features of Google Maps that can sometimes go unnoticed is the “What’s New” tab. In this tab, you can find new establishments, events and services that are in your region;

Find news about your region – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

2. Contributions

When searching for a place on Google, you can find information and directions to a particular location, but you can also find photos and reviews posted by users. This feature creates a kind of virtual community through Maps. You can participate in the community through the “Contributions” tab, so your publication can appear on someone else’s next trip;

You can contribute to the platform through your experiences – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

3. Hitchhiking apps

When searching for directions on Google Maps, one of the possible interactions is to create rides in ride apps like Uber, 99 and Cabify, using the addresses searched. To do so, simply access the option “Transport by application”;

Race directly from the Google Maps app – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

4. Timeline

Another little-known feature of Google Maps is the ability to view your timeline with places you’ve visited. It is also possible to keep track of the route taken on specific days, to do so, just access your timeline and see where you went on the specific date;

View a timeline of places you have already visited – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

5. Share location

Visiting places for the first time and having trouble locating? With Google Maps, you can send your location to your friends and family, the function also tracks the current health of your cell phone battery and keeps updates on both information in real time. So, in case you get lost and your phone runs out of battery, people can still find you;

Share your location – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

But and you? Do you know of any other little-known feature of Google Maps? Comment below.

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