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5 great extensions for you to use in Google Docs

Google Docs (Android | iOS | Web) Google’s text editing platform, is a complete tool for creating, formatting and sharing documents. The platform can be a great choice for writing your texts on multiple devices or even with the participation of other people.

But in addition to these functions, Google Docs has support for Google extensions that can further enhance your text writing experience. Through the “Add-ons” option, you can add more functions to Docs according to your needs. Check out the best extensions to use in Google Docs below.

Best extensions to use in Google Docs

Check out the step by step on how to add extensions to Google Docs;

Step 1: on the toolbar in your document, access the “Add-ons” option, then click on “Install add-ons”;

Click on “Install add-ons” – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

Step 2: then on this page you can browse and discover extensions for the app.

Home of Docs compatible extensions – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

1. Lucidchart Diagrams

With Lucidchart’s you can assemble diagrams and diagrams and attach them to your projects in Google applications. The platform has intuitive features and easy interaction to create and present schemes.

Make schematics and diagrams in Docs – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freiats)

2. Math Type

When studying exact materials, it is common to view formulas and operations that are in specific formats for calculations. Through Math Type, you can assemble your functions using mathematical symbols and add them to your document.

Create mathematical formulas – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

3. Doc to Form

The Doc to Form extension was developed to facilitate the interaction between your documents and the creation of forms. When opening the application you can create a questionnaire and write documents simultaneously. Therefore, a great alternative to collect data.

Turn your questions into forms – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

4. Kaizena

The Kaizena extension proposal allows its users to comment on documents in more depth. You can even record audio commentaries. This can be very useful for study notes.

Make in-depth comments on your documents – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

5. EasyBib Bibliography Creator

With EasyBib you can find, organize and search the bibliography of your texts and quotes. The platform can also add the bibliographic reference directly to the text of your document. Thus, you can make quotes more easily.

Find the bibliography of your citations – (Capture: Canaltech / Felipe Freitas)

But and you? Do you know of any interesting extensions for Google Docs? Comment below.

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