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7 best light games for PC

Hey guys! It is natural that over the years our computers will have difficulties to run the most modern games, right? Therefore, many people search for lists with lighter games. But, did you know that you don’t need a powerful machine to enjoy cool games? 💙

Nowadays, there are many interesting options for those who have a more modest machine and want to have fun playing with friends. So, today I separated some tips with lighter games that run on computers that have at least 4 GB of RAM. Just take a look at these tips! 😉

1. Brawlhalla

If you like 2D fighting and action games, Brawlhalla can be a great choice to have fun with your friends. It is a game that closely resembles the game series Super Smash Bros from Nintendo, you know? In Brawlhalla, you must fight with other players using super powerful characters, while trying to throw them out of the arena. Which makes the game very dynamic and challenging. ðŸĪš

Ah! And you can download Brawlhalla for free to play with your friends even on different platforms. Find out more by clicking on here.

2. Overcooked

Now if you like to cook and are looking for a light game to have fun with your friends, you will probably like Overcooked. In this game, you can gather up to 4 players to work in the kitchen of a restaurant. So, you need to work as a team while preparing customer orders. The faster you deliver orders, the more points you will earn. Can you do it? ðŸģ

You can download Overcooked by clicking on here.

3. Risk of Rain 2

For those who like to gather friends to face great challenges, Risk Of Rain 2 can also be a great option. In this 3D-style game, you can gather up to 4 friends on a journey of exploration, where every minute that passes the game gets a little more difficult. âģ

In Risk Of Rain 2, you will need to defeat bosses, find items and cross different maps using incredible characters. Ah! And each player can choose between different classes that greatly change their style of play during exploration. Pretty cool, right?

You can download Risk of Rain 2 by clicking on here.

4. Castle Crashers

For those who like a more RPG-style game with magic and adventure, Castle Crashers can be really cool. It is a 2D style game of hack-and-slash, where you can gather up to 4 knight friends to explore the map and complete the story. ⚔ïļ

As you progress through the game, you can unlock skill points and items that make your character stronger.

You can download Castle Crashers by clicking on here.

5. Hearthstone

With excellent voice acting and cool effects, Hearthstone combines magic and strategy in a great card game. Anyone who enjoys online MMORPG games, certainly must have heard of World of Warcraft, which was one of the biggest fevers in the world of computer games, right? Did you know that they are games from the same developer? ðŸ˜ą

In that sense, Hearthstone invites new players to explore this universe that was built in World of Warcraft. In addition, the card game has several game modes that are very cool for those who enjoy strategy.

You can find Hearthstone by clicking on here.

6. Forager

Now if you are looking for a game to have fun and relax, Forager has a really cool proposal. It is a 2D adventure game and open world, where you can spend time collecting resources, building and exploring. In addition, it is a game that was made with great care. It was developed by a small team with a very inspiring story that you can check out in the game extras. 💙

You can download Forager by clicking on here.

7. Shovel Knight

Finally, if you like 2D platform games in a more retro (8-bit) style Shovel Knight is the right choice for your PC. This is an action-adventure game with incredible gameplay and very captivating characters. Ah! And it is also available entirely in Portuguese with a great translation. It is worth checking! 😉

You can play Shovel Knight by clicking on here.

Ready! These were some light game tips to enjoy on your computer. Did you like this article? Share with your friends! ðŸĨ°

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