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AMD to put the power of its graphics chips at the service of Samsung smartphones

While the Exynos 2100 has just been announced, we now know that it is the next generation of SoC from Samsung that will benefit from an RDNA graphics chip from AMD. What to relaunch the race for power?

Whether this is at the end of the year in the potential successors of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Fold, or next year for the Galaxy S, no one knows when it will really happen. What is certain is that the next high-end chip from Samsung for smartphones will be the first to integrate an AMD GPU. The just announced Exynos 2100 is therefore the last to integrate a “simple” Mali, from ARM.

This information is all the more important since it is not a rumor, but an official announcement from a Samsung Electronic spawner at the end of the Exynos launch conference. 2100 – the very first semiconductor keynote in Samsung history. It was through Inyup Kang, President and General Manager of Samsung Electronics, that the news took shape. Samsung Electronics – This photo novel is brought to you by Samsung.

The partnership between the two companies was certainly known, but this is Samsung’s first public communication on this subject, the first formalization of a product. If information was predicting the arrival of the first chip in 2021 last year, the current pandemic may have pushed back plans – it’s impossible to be certain.

But whether it is the end of 2021 or the current 2022, we now know that the next high-end chip from Samsung will integrate an AMD GPU. If AMD’s mobile version is at the level of its PC card architecture, this could put a big kick in the anthill.

AMD dominates the gaming world

While Nvidia GPUs are still the most powerful on the market, AMD’s latest Radeon RX6000 cards have, in just a generation, almost caught up with the Geforce. RDNA has proven to be a great success and allows AMD to both control the home console market for the second generation in a row, but also to propel the Google Stadia servers.

However, it is in the graphics area that the differences between chips dedicated to the Android world and Apple’s Axx chips are the strongest. Apple’s full control over hardware and software over its ecosystem allows it to deliver the best performance. For the moment, the only replica of Qualcomm, leader in high-end SoCs, is its Elite Gaming program and its high-level drivers that can be updated via an application available in the Play Store.

If AMD’s architecture proves to be up to expectations and allows the future Exynos to stand out (in particular from the Snapdragon), this would allow the Android galaxy to be able to regain the advantage over Apple in terms of graphics power. A bet less risky than it seems: after all Qualcomm has already achieved this feat in its time with the arrival of Adreno in 2009. A 3D chip technology from Radeon cards… from AMD.

Source : Samsung Exynos 2100 press conference

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