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Android TV adds YouTube support at 8K, but with restrictions

The application YouTube for Android TV received an update with support for 8K videos, but with limitations. According to Android Police this Thursday (25), the reproduction of content with definition above 4K is available only for those who have Android 10 or newer version of the operating system.

YouTube for Android TV gains 8K video support

Playback of YouTube videos in 8K gave the appearance of version 2.12.08 of the app, but limited to devices with Android 10 or higher. In addition, even though the first update notes mention support for HDR content with the AV1 codec, the revised version of the news list mentions Cast Connect support instead.

The new version also brings some improvements to the video streaming platform application, such as the correction of flaws involving the incorrect date and time. The update also increases the resolution selector, as shown in the revised list of changes available on the Google Play Store.

The YouTube update for Android TV is now available for download through the Play Store app store (play.google.com).

With information: Android Police

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