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Apple could relocate the manufacturing of its iPad and MacBook to Vietnam

Faster shelving in Asian regions, diversification of production and, above all, a desire to escape the possible tightening of US sanctions against China: Apple is eyeing Vietnam to produce its computers and its tablets.

Apple would start migrating part of its product production to Vietnam, according to Reuters. The Cupertino giant is said to have asked its Taiwanese partner Foxconn to move iPad and MacBook production lines located in Chinese factories to their counterparts located in one of the regions of this South Asian country (province of Bac Giang). The reassigned assembly lines would not be fully operational until the year 2021. What is interesting is that Apple is already using Vietnamese factories to produce its AirPods Pro headphones just like Indian structures for manufacturing. of some of its smartphones.

The change coincides with Foxconn’s announcement to invest more than $ 270 million in its Vietnamese factories to expand their area and production facilities. The goal ? Continue to move more than 30% of its channels out of China to avoid having problems with the United States.

It is also to avoid being the victim of a possible deterioration of relations between China and the United States in the coming months that Apple is making this choice. And no doubt, too, in order to be able to supply certain local or neighboring markets more quickly. As of yet, no information has been released on what types of tablet or laptop models will be produced in Vietnam rather than China. Apple is not the only one to have chosen Vietnam as one of its new landing strips, Qualcomm followed suit a few months ago.

Sources: Reuters and Nikkei

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