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Apple MagSafe makes a slow charge if not used on iPhone 12

Apple MagSafe, Apple’s new wireless charger, recharges slower if not used on iPhone 12, according to tests

In addition to restoring power to the iPhone 12, the charger Apple MagSafe it is also compatible with other cell phones from Apple and AirPods with wireless charging. However, according to tests carried out last week, the new accessory tends to make recharges slower if not used in the new smartphone of the brand.

It is what shows the MacRumors this Friday (23). To check the charging time for Apple’s new wireless charger, the site used an iPhone XS Max with 1% battery and in airplane mode. Altogether, during the two tests performed, the cell phone restored 13% and 14% of the component’s capacity when placed on the accessory for half an hour.

As a comparison, the cell phone was even re-energized through a 7.5 watt wireless charger from Belkin. In this case, the results were more satisfactory: with the same period of time and the same conditions as the MagSafe, the iPhone XS Max battery reached 26% of the charge.

The new accessory was also reviewed by the YouTube channel Max Tech. In a video published on Thursday (22), the accessory delivered lower power to wireless chargers with the Qi standard not only on the iPhone, reaching the lowest power of 0.96 watts in some cases.

In tests conducted with the iPhone SE (2020), Apple’s wireless charger delivered 1.83 watts, while Mophie and “low cost” accessories reached 5.55 watts and 8.4 watts, respectively. According to the manufacturer, on the iPhone 12, the MagSafe is capable of delivering 15 watts when plugged into a 20-watt outlet adapter.

However, some caveats must be taken into account. As noted by the 9to5Mac, not only were the results verified through an application, instead of counting the recharge time from beginning to end, just like the iPhone 12 is the only cell phone that has the magnetic mechanism to align the accessory correctly.

Apple MagSafe may leave marks on iPhone 12 case

Just last week, Apple made reservations about charging via MagSafe. According to a page that explains how to use the charger in the successors of the iPhone 11, the new accessory may leave circular marks on the leather case of the iPhone 12.

“If you keep your iPhone in a leather case while charging with the MagSafe charger, the case may show circular contact marks,” they say.

The company also makes other alerts to consumers, such as the recharge limit of up to 80% if the phone overheats, to save battery life, and the preference for the Lightning port, if the accessory and the cable are connected at the same time. Apple also recommends that consumers do not place credit cards and the like between the phone and the MagSafe charger.

The MagSafe was announced along with the iPhone 12, on October 13, 2020. In addition to the wireless charger, the technology also allows users to attach accessories to compatible phones thanks to a set of magnets positioned on the back.

With information: 9to5Mac, MacRumors (1 and 2) and Max Tech

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