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Apple prepares foldable iPhone and Touch ID under the screen

The first Foldable iPhone is on the horizon of possibilities for Apple, but it should still take time to arrive, according to recent information obtained by Bloomberg. A new report indicates that the company is working on a smartphone model with a flexible screen, which corroborates rumors that have circulated in the media in the last year. The launch forecast, however, is still unknown.

According to the document, Apple engineers have been testing prototypes of folding screens for a while. It is unclear what type of fold the product would be able to make, but one of the options would involve a device with a 6.7 inch screen when opened – the same size as the display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In addition, the device would have practically invisible hinges. The model, if launched, could compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. But things are not very advanced, according to a source quoted by Bloomberg.

The informant – someone “familiar with the matter”, who asked not to be identified – told the vehicle that tests are being carried out on a folding device that is not yet fully functional, eliminating expectations of launch in the near future, as in September this year, for example.

Apple should present few news in 2021

As the brand prepares for the next radical design change, we must be content with little news for 2021.

One reason for Apple’s “delay” is the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the company postponed the announcement of its new line of smartphones and stopped introducing AirTags – which allowed Samsung to get ahead with its version of the technology, called “Galaxy Smart Tag”.

The predictions are that Apple will launch the successor to the iPhone 12 with virtually no design changes, but with a much-anticipated function: Touch ID under the screen. The feature would be a biometric alternative to Face ID, something useful for use outside the home, when protective masks are necessary and facial recognition becomes an inconvenience.

If the rumors are correct, the next generation of iPhones should be a sort of “S” version of the last harvest. Apple did not comment on the matter.

With information: Bloomberg

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