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Apple would prepare a big announcement for today

It wouldn’t be a product, but something even “bigger” and “better”… That leaves a lot of room for the imagination. Difficult to know what it will be, but to believe an American presenter of CBS, it would be “exciting”.

With virtual CES 2021 in full swing, Apple is reportedly gearing up to make a big announcement today, according to Gayle King, the CBS Morning presenter who interviewed Tim Cook on his show.

The journalist specifies, however, that this interview was planned for a long time and was not scheduled before a product launch. Tim Cook should therefore not unveil one of the multiple Macs, AirPods and other iPads expected this year. Nevertheless, Apple is expected to make a “big announcement”. The question is in which area.

Will it be linked to the upcoming arrival of the Tracking Transparency App, which pitted the Cupertino giant against Facebook? It should be remembered that the objective of this new program is to offer users of Apple products the choice to refuse to be tracked for the purposes of targeting advertising profiling.

Unless Apple has other announcements to make in the tumultuous context of the post-assault on Capitol Hill in the United States. Very recently, an application like Parler, which flourished calls to violence, conspiratorial and seditious comments, was banned by Apple from its App Store. Tim Cook did not hide that in his eyes the attackers must be judged and held accountable, just like Donald Trump, moreover, because “No one is above the law”, according to him.

Apple’s importance in the global economy comes with a form of responsibility. Tim Cook has largely taken on this role, which moralizes the actions of his company, even if everything is still far from perfect. If this ad is also ” big “ that it is a safe bet that it will have significant direct and indirect repercussions. Gayle King indicates in any case that it is “Something bigger and better” that a product, something “Very exciting”

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