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Audi unveils new ultralight electric motor, but it’s not ready to arrive in your A3

Audi’s new Formula-E features a brand new electric motor. 35 kg and 382 hp, it’s a dream, but is it really suitable for the rest of the market?

The latest innovation in the e-tron range from Audi should not be a game-changer for the upcoming A8s and other Q5s. It is on motorsport and more precisely electric racing that the group with the four rings has focused with the presentation of its new FE07, which will be entered in the Formula E championship next year. If the car is full of qualities, it is especially the engine that intrigues observers. Indeed, for the first time, the centerpiece of the racing car was developed entirely in-house, by the teams of Stefan Aicher, responsible for e-Drive development.

Audi – The MGU05 engine.

95% engine efficiency

The MGU05 is therefore a 100% Audi engine and it aims to bring to the German Formula E results that it has lacked until now. Indeed, Audi only finished in 6th place (out of 10) in the constructors’ championship last year. To change the situation, the MGU05 has two main advantages, its weight and its efficiency. Indeed, with less than 35 kg on the scale, the first of the two indicators is quite impressive. As for the second, it should have even more consequences on the race. Indeed, Audi indicates to have reached an overall efficiency of more than 95% on the powertrain.

Concretely, this amounts to saying that the manufacturer’s engineers have managed to minimize the loss of energy, a classic phenomenon in an electric motor. Audi goes even further claiming to arrive at a ” efficiency greater than 97%, under all relevant driving conditions “. These performances make the MGU05 one of the most promising engines on the circuit. Rarely, it is by looking at commercial vehicles and in particular “ultra lightweight” technology that Audi Sport engineers have found inspiration.

There is therefore little chance that such a 335 hp engine (382 hp in attack mode), will one day be found in a mainstream Audi, the MGU05 being really specific to Formula E. However, the work on the reduction weight with the help of carbon parts and a more efficient design could be an interesting way to reduce by a few kilos the consequent weight of current electric cars.

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