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Beat Saber wins multiplayer mode on PlayStation

The virtual reality (VR) rhythm game Beat Saber won a competitive multiplayer mode with up to five players, be they friends or random strangers. The feature, which was already available for other platforms, arrived for PlayStation VR this Monday (25).

Thanks to the new feature, users can create their own avatars “to express their unique personality and style”. Another addition is an arena-style lobby, where players wait for the match to start — or watch it all from their box.

Also added were multiplayer badges (which say who was the most accurate or the slowest, for example), a results screen with fireworks and a podium, and the possibility to set custom colors for cubes and sabers.

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Unfortunately, multiplayer doesn’t support crossplay: that is, you can’t play with users from platforms other than your own.

Already in celebration of Halloween, a new song is available for free: “Spooky Beat” by Jaroslav Beck. The track can be played in either single-player or multiplayer mode.

Beat Saber is available for Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and PC. On Sony’s console, a PlayStation Plus subscription is required to play online; check the values:

  • 1 month – BRL 34.90
  • 3 months — BRL 84.90
  • 12 months — BRL 199.90

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