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Beats Studio Buds is certified in Taiwan and has final look revealed

The Beats Studios Buds headphones — Apple’s subsidiary brand — have just had some details revealed after approval by the NCC (National Communications Commissions) — Taiwan’s certification body equivalent to Anatel. Thanks to the certification document it is possible to know a lot about the look of the headphones, giving us a good idea of ​​what Beats plans for its next release.

The wearable accessory arrives with a TWS design, that is, totally free of wires, and differs a lot from other models in this style launched by Apple, such as other Beats headphones and the AirPods Pro themselves. That’s because, as shown by the NCC record, Beats Studio Buds will hit the market without that traditional stick seen in Apple headphones.

Beats Studio Buds has an in-ear look, meaning it fits completely in your ears, and has silicone tips. It is expected that, with the launch, the brand will still make available some options with extra sizes for accessories.

As for charging, the device will be accompanied by an oval case made of plastic. It can be powered via a USB-C standard cable, but unfortunately, the specifications for the batteries in the box and headphones, or whether induction charging is supported, have not been disclosed.

The document shows the accessory in black color only, as well as the charging case. However, it is possible that the brand will offer two more options: white and red, which will match the designs of the box and the headphones. So far, however, there is no forecast when the device will be officially announced.

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