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C6 Bank has five more color options for your cards

After Nubank arrived with its purple card, having a colored card became a desire for many. That’s when competitors started to pay attention to this aspect. Today, there are several options in the most different institutions.

At C6 Bank, for example, in addition to the shades that were already available, another five options, now in gradient, are now part of the portfolio: bubblegum, boreal forest, sunset, spice and gold. In addition to being able to choose the color they prefer to decorate the card, account holders can determine which name is printed on it — which benefits especially those who adopt a social name.

In addition to the new tones, C6 Card customers can opt for blue, red, champagne, pink and silver. Users of the C6 Carbon card can also choose black. The Global Account card (which has a balance in dollars or euros) can be personalized in wine, white, dark blue and light blue.

According to Alexandra Pain, head of marketing at C6 Bank, the idea is to value the customer. “While the possibility of choosing the name is linked to respect, the chance to define the color is the possibility of having something exclusive”, he says.

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