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Cell phones with 3 and 4 rear cameras dominate global sales

Macro, ultrawide, telephoto – os multiple lens cell phones fell in love with the smartphone industry some time ago. Now, they are the ones who dominate the global market – especially the models that have triple or quadruple camera. The information is from the agency Om Day, which also reveals that sales of mobile phones with four rear cameras increased significantly in 2020.

Industry-driven trend

Following the natural movement of the industry, sales of smartphones with a single rear camera plummeted. Which is quite understandable: it is difficult to find a cell phone with only one lens on the back, as even entry-level models, with more affordable prices, already have multiple cameras.

It is also not as if there were many cell phones with dual camera appearing on the market: in 2020, most launches brought with three or four rear lenses. Of course, there are iPhones – Apple maintains a conservative position with the iPhone SE 2020’s single camera and dual models like iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

Multiple camera phones dominate global sales (Image: Playback / Omdia)

Xiaomi, on the other hand, was on the opposite side: three out of five phones of the brand sold in the third quarter of 2020 have a quad rear camera, and more than 80% have multiple cameras.

After the boom of auxiliary lenses for Portrait Mode, still in 2018, we saw the popularization of the ultrawide lens. The last 11 months marked the “Era of the macro camera”. Telephoto lenses, which provide optical zoom, are even for the most expensive models.

The year of the quad camera

As is clear from the chart below, while 2019 was the year of the triple camera, 2020 gave way to cell phones with 4 rear cameras. Making a cut for the third quarter of this year, almost 60% of all sales were smartphones with quad cameras.

Multiple camera phones dominate global sales (Image: Playback / Omdia)

Whether by consumer choice or by the conditioning of cell phone manufacturers, the fact is that fashion has caught on. And with it, users were able to experience the benefits of versatility when shooting with their smartphone.

Today, without moving, it is possible to frame a larger area, blur the background of the image or bring it closer. Although greater quantity does not mean higher quality, the advancement of technology offers interesting new possibilities for the mobile photo and video segment.

With information: Om Day and GSMArena

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