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Check out 3 tips to take better photos on mobile

Hey guys! Over the years, cell phone cameras have improved a lot, right? These days, they are much smarter and with many different types of cameras, so they can take more and more amazing pictures. 📸

But, did you know that you don’t need a high-end cell phone with multiple cameras to take good pictures? You can take advantage of some photography knowledge and use your cell phone camera to take really cool photos. Want to find out how? Just take a look at these tips. 😉

See 3 tips for taking better photos on mobile

1. Use grid lines for composition

Do you know that beautiful landscape that you see when you travel and want to keep it forever? The “grid lines” are great for taking pictures of these beautiful landscapes with excellent framing. You can use the lines to make objects very straight in the photo.

Also, professional photographers say that the image gains more harmony if you position objects at the intersections of the lines. These crossing points of the lines are known as “Focal points”. They are very important for image composition.

Most cell phone cameras allow you to enable viewing of grid lines. To do this, just go to “Camera Settings” and activate the “Grid Lines” option.

2. Adjust Camera Focus

Another thing you should pay close attention to is making sure the photo is in focus. It’s just that adjusting the focus ensures that your photo is sharper and with higher quality.

On cell phone cameras, you can adjust the focus by touching the screen until a small “Focal circle” appears. So you can position it in the most important part of your image to make it sharper. Ah! On some cameras, you can also adjust brightness levels to improve photo quality.

At this point, the focus is a little reminiscent of how eyes work. You know when you stare at some object and the background seems to “blurry” in the background. That’s exactly how focus works.

So, adjusting the focus is pretty simple. When you notice that an image is blurry, just touch the screen on the part you want to focus on. On some smartphones, you may need to tap a few times to make sure the object is in focus, okay?

3. Enjoy well-lit environments

One of the most important things when taking pictures on your cell phone is to pay close attention to where the light is coming from. Of course, well-lit environments greatly improve the quality of the photo, but whether it’s natural or artificial light, you need to see how the ambient light will influence your photo.

This is also true for selfies, ok? When taking a picture, be careful with direct light. It’s important to think like this: the more light around the object, the better the image quality. But the more direct light, the harder it is to control photo levels. This is also true when we use artificial light, such as the famous “Ring Light” (Rings of Light) that help a lot when making lives and videos on social networks.

Finally, it’s also worth exploring other smart camera options. Some of them have several options like Pro mode, portrait mode and HDR. These options are really cool because they combine cellphone processing with the camera to improve the quality of photos. Worth a try!

Ready! These were some tips on how to take better pictures on mobile. Did you like this article? Share these tips with your friends. 🥰

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