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Chinese cell phone with 13,200 mAh battery may soon be a reality

Ulefone is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that for years has launched several devices with a certain focus on resistance, such as ARMOR models, or on battery life, such as devices in the Power series, for example, which bring large capacity cells. Now, everything indicates that a new generation of cell phones from this family is on the way.

That’s because the manufacturer confirmed that it should soon announce a new smartphone with a large capacity battery, almost twice the size seen on the Galaxy M51. The brand new device will have a 13,200 mAh tank, and can fit just between the Ulefone Power.

In the teaser, we have the outline of the device’s design, which does not reveal much, except that it will potentially have a more eccentric design, thanks to the features shown in the drawing, showing that it must have a structure also with a focus on protection and resistance.

It should also have four buttons in total, three on the right side, which should be on / off and two for more and less volume, and a fourth button on the left, probably used to perform extra functions like PTT (push to talk, or press to speak), something very popular in this category.

Unfortunately, no other smartphone information has been revealed, except for that 13,200 mAh battery. Details of the screen, chipset, camera or loading speed remain unknown for now.

Either way, there are no details on when the device will finally be presented by the Chinese brand, or what will be the price range in which Ulefone will position it. Thus, all that remains is to wait for it to become official, which should happen in the coming weeks.

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