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Chrome 92 arrives with robust new features to make browsing safer

Google has already released the new version 92 of Chrome, whose main highlight is the focus on digital security. The promise is of several new features, including a feature that blocks virtual scam attempts 50 times faster than before.

The technology introduced identifies sites that use techniques for phishing — forgery to steal personal data — through colors. In general, these pages try to simulate the real sites, but bump into copies that are not always well done. It is precisely this difference that the new Chrome will act: the analysis takes 1/10 of a second, instead of the traditional 1.8 seconds.

This faster speed should increase the likelihood that the page will be blocked before any action is taken on the site. By associating this with the extra protection of the sandbox, which confines software processes in their own memory compartments, the result is a system less prone to breaches.

According to Google, the anti-phishing technology will also reduce the battery usage of phones and notebooks, as Chrome’s memory consumption is 1.2% lower. It’s not much, but it can make a difference for those who spend more time in the browser.

Other browser improvements

Chrome 92 also brings some minor security additions, though also important to the set. The browser now checks when the user grants permission to use camera, microphone, or location data and makes it possible to revoke this at any time on Android — other platforms should receive it later.

Just tap on the lock icon, on the left side of the address bar, to open a panel that will allow you to select which ones will be changed. This new feature should provide more transparency to identify the sites and what resources they use.

From now on, the program will have a specific command called “security check” which, when typed in the address bar, will run a general scan. The browser will start checking the stored passwords and whether there are any malicious extensions.

In addition, this functionality will also allow you to quickly perform actions directly from the Chrome address bar. For example, if you type “delete history” or “edit passwords”, this will be done immediately, without having to go to the specific place in the settings. This has been around since November 2020, but is being improved whenever a new browser version sees the light of day.

Updates and features will definitely arrive in Chrome on Android and Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS in the coming weeks. Have you tried any of the new features of Chrome 92? What did you think of him? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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