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Complaints on Black Friday 2020 grow 45%, according to Reclame Aqui

The number of complaints related to Black Friday 2020 grew 45% compared to the same period last year. Between 12 noon on Wednesday (25) and 6 am on Friday (27), there were 4,850 complaints. The number is related only to the records in Reclame Aqui and points to an average of 115 complaints per hour.

According to Reclame Aqui, consumers made few complaints at dawn, which, in previous editions, was a time with more demand. A survey previously carried out by the website showed that 30% of the interviewed customers planned to make purchases from 6pm on Thursday.

For Black Friday 2020, Reclame Aqui launched a tool to help customers compare prices, freight and reputation of stores that are advertising offers. Trust Here, as it was called, indicates that there are real offers, but not all have very significant price reductions. On average, promotions offer a 20% discount.

Price watcher pointed high before Black Friday

The suspicion of consumers regarding a price increase before Black Friday was confirmed by the Price Watch, a service used in the Purchasing Assistant extension of Tecnoblog. As has become a tradition, some stores raise prices days before and announce a supposed reduction on Friday.

The website pointed out that, a few days ago, stores like Americanas, Magazine Luiza and Ricardo Eletro increased the prices of various products. The increase was also noticed in stores of brands such as Asus, JBL and Multilaser. To help you make the best decisions, Tecnoblog has created a list of the best Black Friday 2020 offers.

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