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Criminals imitated the official MSI Afterburner website to spread malware

Quite popular among PC gamers who like to monitor the performance of their games, MSI Afterburner was used by criminals in an attempt to steal sensitive data. According to a statement issued by MSI Global on Friday (14), a page that mimics its official website was used to spread malware among the machines of unsuspecting users.

“The fraudulent website mimics the look and design of the official MSI page, and offers a download from MSI Afterburner. This page is hosting software that may contain viruses, trojans, keyloggers or other types of malicious programs that have been disguised to look like MSI Afterburner ”, warns the developer.

The company asks consumers not to download anything on the fake page, ensuring that its official website has not been compromised. She also warns that the official download link for the software is currently closed due to routine maintenance, and asks that only the following page be used to ensure the safety of consumers: https://www.msi.com/Landing/afterburner/graphics-cards.

In addition to offering game performance tracking and measuring the usage of components like CPU and GPU, MSI Afterburner is also popular in the overclock community. Through it, it is possible to make adjustments to the hardware behavior parameters, making them deliver a performance beyond that predicted during factory tests.

In its statement, the manufacturer stated that it is committed to protecting those who trust its products and that it will take the appropriate measures for the case, which directly damages its reputation. At the moment, the fake website has already been taken down by the provider responsible for its hosting, but it remained available for more than a month before that happened.

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