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Did it fall there? Several sites are inaccessible this Tuesday morning (8)

The morning of Tuesday (8) did not start very well for those who need to access the internet. This is because many web pages are instabilities and don’t load correctly in many places around the world.

A visit to the Downdetector website — a platform that monitors the functioning of online services — reveals that users have begun to report difficulties accessing various websites, such as Reddit, Amazon, Twitch, Spotify, Google, eBay, Twitter and others. In addition, there are also reports of difficulties with Amazon Web Services, hosting service from Jeff Bezos’ company.

So far, there is no information on the possible source of the problem, but some evidence points to the hypothesis that the cloud hosting service from CDN Fastly has failed and affected part of access to various websites.

With Twitch, users report difficulty accessing the platform’s website, in addition to the inability to start a session — the same as with Reddit. On Spotify, most complaints are about playing music.

So far, as the root of the problem has not been discovered, there is no forecast for the normalization of services.

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