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Disney wants to combat movie piracy using blockchain

Owner and right holder of major franchises from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Fox and many others, Disney is patenting a blockchain-based system to reduce the piracy of its productions.

To protect its box office successes already released and those to come, the studio is working closely with ACE, a coalition of major content and entertainment studios, to combat illegal content distribution.

Entitled Blockchain configuration for secure content delivery (or “Blockchain configuration for secure content delivery”, in a free translation), the patent describes how to avoid copies of films and series during or after uploads, going beyond the common practice of sending watermarked films to theaters .

The document describes that “the practice is reactive, not preventive. So the current settings do not adequately prevent piracy.” With the new blockchain system, it will be possible to verify that the content reached its destination before the reproduction is released. Another feature that the patent describes is a system that counts how many times the content has been reproduced, to locate possible fraud attempts.

With several paths to follow, Disney has not given details of which to use or how. In general, the project ends up avoiding pre-release leaks, but does not prevent copies of the films and series released directly on Disney +.

In November 2020, Amazon Prime Video also filed a patent to prevent piracy of its content. Jeff Bezos’ streaming service has software that creates unique identifiers for each user, allowing them to locate the source of the fraud.

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