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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 corrects past mistakes and finally becomes intuitive | Analysis / Review

Image stabilizers are features that, for some time, only existed in cameras, but have become reality in cell phones, allowing to produce high quality images and more professional air. DJI, a well-known drone manufacturer, announced last year the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, the brand’s third day in the gimbal market.

TudoCelular tested the first two versions of the model (check the reviews here and here), and recently received the third for testing. Is he really a significant improvement over his older brothers? That’s what this review shows you next.


This is perhaps the main change for DJI Osmo Mobile 3 compared to its predecessors. The gimbal abandons the three-axis design of the previous version and bets on only two arm mechanisms. This change allowed for two important things: first, it is now foldable, which makes saving and storing processes more practical, and it is also easier to change the recording mode of videos from landscape to portrait, but we will see that later.

In addition, the cable is slightly smaller than the previous version and has a rubberized reinforcement on the front, which makes the experience less slippery. The grip responsible for fitting the smartphone is no longer straight, but diagonal, and the simple change has an important effect: when placing the phone, the buttons are not pressed, eliminating the risk of increasing the volume, calling the voice assistant or hanging up involuntarily. And an element present in the first model is back, after its absence in the second: the trigger, which can be used in a series of functions, such as locking the gimbal, changing the camera or centralizing the cell phone. Its weight is 400g, and can support cell phones up to 200g, most of the current models.

On the sides, we have on the left the zoom button and, on the right side, the input, which is now USB-C, and a USB-A input for power supply. In addition to the design change, the DJI Osmo 3 can finally be used by charging the cell phone, being also a powerbank while the images are captured.

At the other end, below, the model gained a space to attach a protection that keeps it in the handle, and comes in the box, and a change difficult to understand: the base is no longer straight, and the space to attach the base or tripod won an elevation, which leaves it unbalanced in some positions, and disables the base of the previous version, which is no longer useful for this one. Some kits have a tripod, but the version sent to TudoCelular does not, and the tripod used for the tests was purchased separately.

Dedicated application

Here comes the second big change. DJI Go leaves and DJI Mimo enters, which offers a series of shooting and photo modes for Osmo Mobile 3, and is the same used for DJI Osmo Pocket and Osmo Action.

The camera interface resembles those used in cell phones, with side swipe for different photo and video modes. Among these modes, in addition to maintaining those that were featured in the old app, such as timelapse and hyperlapse, are images in portrait mode, slow motion mode, night mode, HDR video and story mode, with pre-edited scenes.

Just like in the previous app, the app stores the images and, if the user wants, the artificial intelligence records a small clip with the images, making the editing automatically.

Simplifying the interface with changing the application makes the use of Osmo Mobile 3 more practical and modern, and even those who are not so used to using this type of equipment will not have difficulties. Manual calibration is also easy.

Recording modes

The application has gesture modes, with a V gesture to start recording videos and an open hand to end the video, but that will give more headaches than functionalities.

However, a major upgrade of this version is Active Track 3.0, in which the gimbal follows the movement of the recorded object, and is significantly better than the previous version. Just one movement of selecting the object or face directly on the screen, and the software understands that it must follow its movements, even if they are sudden or rapid, which can facilitate the filming of animals, for example.


Each button has a series of functions that give intelligence to the gimbal. The trigger, located on the back of the Osmo Mobile 3, allows you to switch cameras to produce content, but it does not do this function during recording, in addition to also locking the device or even centering the phone to the standard position.

The M button is the power button and also the power indicator. However, it is through it that the main change of Osmo 3 comes: the automatic switching between portrait and landscape modes, which is, without a doubt, the main useful upgrade from one version to the other.

In the previous version, changing the mode required moving two axes of the gimbal and still being careful with stabilization, which resulted in at least two minutes to make the change. This process is now instantaneous: just two taps of the button. With three rings, the phone is in a waiting position, with the screen facing upwards.

The battery lasts up to 15 hours and takes about 2h30 to fully charge. Finally, there is the joystick, which allows you to flip the phone. The button has gained concentric circles to improve grip on the index finger, and is concave, while its predecessor had a convex joystick.


The biggest problem of the old DJI Osmo Mobile 2 was the fact that it is not very intuitive, and that it has changed from portrait mode to complicated landscape for moments that require agility in the transition. These points were masterfully corrected in Osmo Mobile 3. With the possibility of automatically switching modes, DJI gains in intelligence and agility in content production.

Another important point is the design, which is now foldable and more practical to store, even in pants pockets, even if it is not ideal. The dedicated app also offers more options when compared to the previous model.

We can say, therefore, that the DJI Osmo 3 is a sensitive evolution and outside the comfort zone in relation to the previous model. However, it is worth considering: for those who do not have any stabilizer model, it is worth purchasing, but those who already have the previous version can take it easy, unless the function of switching from portrait to landscape mode is paramount, since DJI Osmo 2 remains an excellent model and helps to produce great images.

Osmo Mobile 3 starts at R $ 1299, while its older brother can be found at retailers with prices starting at R $ 841. So, if price is an important factor, the previous model is still an excellent option.

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