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DuckDuckGo creates service that eliminates email message trackers

Responsible for a search system that eliminates any tracker from the activities of its users, DuckDuckGo debuted on Tuesday (20) a similar protection for email messages. The new service offered by the company promises to prevent companies and other entities from tracking what arrives in your inbox, while maintaining your anonymity.

The novelty is called the official Email Protection (“Email Protection”, in Portuguese) and is currently in its Beta testing stage. It acts as a filter for your messages, which keep arriving in the inbox of the service of your choice with an added layer of protection.

When signing up for the service, the user receives a new email address with the ending @duck.com, which serves as an intermediary for the accounts he already uses on platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, among others. “Emails sent to your personal Duck address will get there as usual so you can read them normally, in any app or on the web, worry-free,” explains the company.

DuckDuckGo claims that it does not store any messages or violate the privacy of users, acting only to remove the trackers that accompany the contents that reach your inbox. In addition to protecting against spam messages, the technology also promises to remove advertisers from delivering advertisements based on your online habits or consumption history.

How to use Email Protection

The feature is not yet publicly available to all users, and you need to join a waiting list to check it out. If you want to participate, download DuckDuckGo for Android or iOS and open the App Settings.

Then click on the “Email Protection (Beta)” option;

On the next screen, select the “Join the Private Waitlist” option to join the waiting list. At this stage of the process, you can select whether you want to receive notification once your application is accepted.

In addition to the new email protection service, the company is working on a new privacy-focused desktop browser. The expectation is that it will be completed in 2021 and will work as a secure solution for all your online activities, preventing unwanted ads and your personal information from being shared without your consent.

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