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Elastic and Optimyze team up to optimize system failure detection

Elastic, a Dutch company that searches data and software for companies, announced this Wednesday (27) that it has acquired the Swiss startup Optimyze, a platform for infrastructure and cloud services. The values ​​of the agreement were not disclosed.

The goal is to expand Elastic’s services — the startup’s tools will go to the Elasticsearch platform, the company’s flagship search engine — and increase the customers’ ability to detect problems in their systems. The company says it seeks a “unified approach to data collection” to security and observability — a name given to data-rich monitoring that exploits patterns not defined in advance.

In short, observability is a smarter system that anticipates failure. It brings improvements in service quality and performance because it reduces the average time to detect the problem, as well as the average time to its resolution.

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“We are excited to be joining forces with Elastic. Continuously profiling systems, applications, and services with no instrumentation, no code changes, and little performance impact is a game-changer in itself. The value increases exponentially when this data can be easily combined and cross-checked with metrics and other operational data. We look forward to joining the Elastic team and making that vision a reality,” said Thomas Dullien, CEO and co-founder of Optimyze.

“Elastic continues to make great strides in cloud-native observability capabilities by investing in innovative teams that have created differentiated capabilities using open technologies,” said Shay Banon, Founder and CEO of Elastic. “We trust that by joining forces with Optimyze we will be able to accelerate our vision of a unified and practical observability.”

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