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End of an era: Yahoo Answers closes on Tuesday (4)

Known for having generated a generous dose of memes and for serving as inspiration for the creation of services like Quora, Yahoo Answers officially ends this Tuesday (4). Officially inaugurated in 2005, the service will have its entire file taken down and its URL will start directing to the Yahoo homepage from the date established by the company.

The decision was announced by the company in early April and, since the 20th of last month, it is no longer possible to add new questions and answers to the platform. Yahoo promises to let users back up all the data they added to the service as of June 30 this year, but it will not be possible to download questions and answers entered by others.

In a statement sent to users, Yahoo said it closed Answers as a way to focus resources on other products that better serve its community. The company also explained that the system has lost popularity over the years as the needs of its users have changed.

Farewell mood

When accessing Yahoo Answers in your last moments, most of the questions and answers available on your homepage have farewell tones. In addition to a series of messages lamenting the end of the service, there are suggestions for alternative networks and people posing as company employees promising that the closing decision was just a joke.

Among the elements that led to the end of Yahoo Answers is the development of the internet itself, which developed with the improvement of browsers and the emergence of tools such as Wikipedia. The company’s promise is that the closure of the platform will not bring about any change in the users’ account, nor in the way in which other services are used.

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