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Even with HBO Max series, Green Lanterns movie continues in pre-production

Green Lantern fans had a lot to celebrate last Friday (30), when the then silent production of the Green Heroes series on HBO Max returned to the news with the casting of the actor who will play the moody Guy Garder – Finn Wittrock, in American Horror Story and Ratched. Other Emerald Gladiators were cited, such as Kilowog and Alan Scott, however, no sign of Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Behold, this Monday (03), some backstage rumors surfaced, saying that both are still in the sights of DC Films, with the film of the duo currently under development.

According to the Heroic Hollywood website, Green Lantern Corps remains in development and will feature John Stewart as the protagonist. Hal Jordan will also be in the film, but as the mentor figure. The idea is that it is something in the “buddy cop” style, the problem is that the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, from competitor Marvel Studios, has just succeeded with this formula, so it is not possible to know if the plot will continue in that direction. Nor is it known whether Geoff Johns, who revitalized the comic book franchise, will be involved.

Okay, the source is not the most reliable, but they match the buzz of the beginning of the year and the recent and growing interest in cosmic heroes. The Green Lanterns have long tried to integrate the DC Extended Universe, either in the form of their own failed 2011 film; or appearances in other productions, such as Justice League or the Zack Snyder’s Justice League – but in both of these cases, his appearances left a lot to be desired.

The feature about the troop, Green Lantern Corps, was approved a long time ago, but went through several script changes after it was first announced in October 2014. Since then, screenwriters David Goyer and Justin Rhodes have written a draft for the production, while director Christopher McQuarrie suggested the project . At the end of 2019, Warner Bros shook it all up a bit with the possible participation of JJ Abrams and Greg Berlanti, as both are also involved with some fronts on HBO Max – which would facilitate an integration between the attractions in the extended universe.

For a while, Green Lantern Corps does not yet have a director or launch window.

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