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Facebook decides to keep Donald Trump banned from social media on Wednesday (5)

The Facebook Supervisory Committee will announce at 10 am (Brasília time) next Wednesday (5) the destination of the accounts that Donald Trump, former president of the United States, kept on the platform. In January this year, the social network instituted an indefinite ban on the politician’s profiles, which was also blocked from accessing services like Instagram and Twitter.

According to the Committee reported to CNN, more than 9,000 public requests were sent to Facebook charging for a position on the Trump situation. The suspension came after the invasion of the United States Capitol, which occurred on January 6 of this year, which resulted in arrests and deaths. The final decision will be made by an independent group made up of 20 people – who may even reverse the initial decision of the social network.

During the announcement of the ban, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the decision was motivated by the belief that it was very dangerous to let the former president continue to use the social network at that time. At the time, the executive said it was necessary to leave the decision in the hands of the independent committee due to the significance it could bring.

Recently, Facebook has indicated that not only Trump, but also related materials, are banned from the platform. Recently, her daughter-in-law Lara Trump published excerpts from an old interview that was removed shortly thereafter by the moderation team of the social network. However, it is not clear whether the block is valid for any user of the platform or if it covers only those who belong to the former president’s most direct personal circle.

The Facebook Supervisory Committee will decide next Wednesday (5th) the fate of Donald Trump’s accounts on the platform. The politician was banned in January of this year after the attacks on the United States Capitol, located in the city of Washington

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