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Facebook goes to court against Chrome extensions that steal data

O Facebook filed a lawsuit in Portugal against two people who developed and made extensions available for Google Chrome that steal data. In an announcement on Thursday (14), the company said that browser plugins collected information related or not to the social network without users’ consent.

The process targets “Oink and Stuff”, responsible for four extensions known as “Blue Messenger”, “Emoji keyboard”, “Green Messenger” and “Web for Instagram plus DM”. According to the social network, the plugins were “malicious” and had “hidden computer code that worked like spyware”.

The company explains that the extensions collected both Facebook data and information from users’ browsers that were unrelated to the social network, even though the privacy policy said otherwise. Among the data obtained from the social network are the name, user ID, relationship status, among others.

In a statement, Facebook also points out that its security systems have not been affected. “The defendants did not compromise Facebook’s security systems,” they explained. “Instead, they used the extensions on users’ devices to collect information.”

This is yet another action the company is taking against developers who improperly collect information from users on the social network. As noted by the ZDNet, the company has been filing lawsuits against companies that abuse the social network since 2019, whether for data theft or even for selling comments, likes and followers on Instagram.

“We are seeking a permanent injunction against the defendants and demanding that they delete all Facebook data in their possession,” they announced. “This case is the result of our continued international efforts to detect and prevent those who steal data from Facebook users, including those who use browser extensions to compromise people’s browsers.”

With information: ZDNet and Facebook (Newsroom)

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