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Find out how to find groups on Telegram

Hey guys! Today I came to give a very cool tip for those who are learning to use Telegram. Is that it has become more popular, right? A lot of people are starting to use Telegram as an alternative to WhatsApp and Messenger to chat, after all, it is one of the most complete messaging apps. 💙

Many functions are being added every week in Telegram. You can take the opportunity to make group calls, create chat channels, schedule voice calls, use bots (mini apps) and much more.

Ah! But another very cool and important function of Telegram, is its research tool. With it you can find people, groups, bots, voice channels… so, it is an essential part for anyone who uses the messenger. So today I’m going to show you how to find groups on Telegram. Just take a look! 😉

Find out how to find groups on Telegram

Guys, it’s worth remembering that this search tool is available in all versions of the app (Android | iOS | Web | Desktop), OK?

Step 1: to search for a group on Telegram, touch the “Magnifier” icon there on the home page;

Step 2: Once this is done, enter the name of the group or related subject you want to search for. The Telegram search system will gather some suggestions for you on that topic and everything related to those words;

Step 3: finally, when you find your group, just tap “Sign In” to start participating in that chat.

Quick, right? Ready! Now you know how to find groups on Telegram. Did you like this tip? Share with your friends who are learning to use the app.🥰

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