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Finding nearby stores and markets with Google Maps

Hey guys! Today I came to give a really cool tip for anyone who uses Google Maps. Did you know that the Maps application has some filters that help you find stores and establishments near you? This function can be very useful when you are looking for a pharmacy or a supermarket, for example. So, using the GPS sensor you can take a very detailed map of the region on your mobile. 💙

Want to find out how to find stores and markets using Google Maps? Just take a look at this article! 😉

Google Maps: Find Out How To Find Nearby Stores And Markets

Guys, before starting, it is worth remembering that you can use Google Maps filters on Android and iOS smartphones, ok? So everyone can enjoy, just keep the app up to date. 🥰

Step 1: there on the Google Maps homepage, you can find some filters that help navigation when any of them is marked;

Step 2: for example, if you check the filter “Supermarkets”, Google Maps will show you where the markets closest to your current location are;

Step 3: oh! And you can find other filters by tapping “more”;

Step 4: they are separated by category, so this is a well-organized way to find which establishments are near you;

Step 5: in addition, on the “News” button Google Maps has a tab called “For you” where it shows recommendations for places to visit in your city.

Pretty cool, right? It is worth checking! Did you like this tip? Share this story with your friends. 🥰

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