Footprints found in Tanzania were not of bears but of prehistoric humans.


In 1978, footprints dated about 3.66 million years ago were found in Tanzania, and researchers concluded that they belonged to bears that walked on their hind legs like bipeds. Now, on further analysis, they found that the marks were actually made by humans.

The new assessment was carried out with advanced technologies, with the marks belonging, then, to a kind of prehistoric human being. They were able to visualize a large heel print as well as a big toe print, and the footprints were compared to the paws of black bears, chimpanzees and modern humans.

Also according to the researchers, the way in which the footprints were printed on the ground indicates that they were crossing one leg over the other while walking, which is done to maintain balance. Therefore, the hominid was walking in a region that was not level.

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So far, scientists cannot say to which human species the footprints belonged, but the archaeological site where the studies are carried out is known to provide evidence of the species’ life. Australopithecus afarensis.

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