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Fortnite adds new currency and could win Kratos skin

Fortnite must receive Kratos, character of God of War, coming soon. The ad appears to have been published ahead of time by the user “Hypex”, on Twitter, known for leaking game information. In a related note, Epic Games also revealed details about the Bars, a new currency present in its Battle Royale.

What is known about Kratos is that only one image was published on Twitter, with the look of the character seen in the 2018 version of God of War, which came out on PS4. It is not known whether it will be playable on other platforms outside the PlayStation line or when it will be released.

However, a teaser was published by the official PlayStation account, mentioning a hunter who is known “to kill and face gods in a brutal way, with all his anger”. Everything indicates that it is the Spartan warrior.

The Bars

Bars, on the other hand, are a new currency that the player receives when completing Huntings within the Fortnite. The Huntings are a key part of the fifth season, which brings together hunters from all walks of life.

According to Epic’s announcement, the Huntings are obtained by friendly, computer-controlled characters on the current season map. From there it will be necessary to hunt or protect a character, for example, to receive his rewards.

The Fortnite Bars (Image: Epic Games / Disclosure)

Bars will not be sold for real money and can only be obtained within matches, completing objectives or looting chests and breaking scenarios. It is still unclear what the bar redemption will look like for items, but Epic is expected to provide more details in the future.

With information: Epic Games, The Verge.

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