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Fortnite ends season and takes down Twitch and Rocket League

Fortnite held a season-ending event late Tuesday afternoon, December 1, and overburdened the service of the Epic Games network and other sites. According to Downdetector, Twitch, Rocket League, Epic Games Store and even PlayStation Network crashed after the game ended.

Don’t know know what the network Fortnite it may have caused the others, but it is possible that there was a major congestion or even an attack, in a more remote possibility.

New season

To end its fourth season, Fortnite waged a gigantic battle against Galactus, a Marvel villain known for devouring worlds. Players came together in a single match, where everyone had to take down the enemy and save the world.

It turns out that the world was not exactly “saved”. At the end of the event the player is thrown into a black hole and is trapped in this vortex. After that, a countdown appears on the screen, about to inaugurate the fifth season of Fortnite.

The game is inaccessible during the countdown, which at the time of production of this article was about seven hours remaining.

Anyone who tries to access Epic Games or Twitch games receives error messages or faces black screens, with no content. This is not the first time that this has occurred, however, at the end of the Fortnite.

Fortnite, Rocket League, Epic Games Store and Twitch are down (Image: Playback / DownDetector)

Most likely, services will be reestablished soon. For now the companies involved have not yet manifested themselves on their social networks.

With information: Downdetector.

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