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Fortnite will make Galactus event this Tuesday and may have exclusive skin

Galactus comes to Fortnite on this December 1st, Tuesday, in an event that takes place within the game at 18h, Brasília time. The big news is that, apparently, the character can also receive a special skin, whether it is sold in the game store or offered to those who participate in the battle.

The Galactus skin

The Galactus skin was discovered by users when tampering with the game code. It will be an Epic look, that is, that is not easily found on other occasions, only in a single moment of the game.

The character is seen with his classic look, with only slightly different colors from the traditional one. Being a Fortnite skin, it is the size of any other character in the game itself.

Marvel Galactus

The special event with Galactus was previously planned. The gigantic villain will reach the island of Fortnite and players will be joined in a war against the figure of the World Eater.

Galactus, in Marvel comics, is known by this name precisely for feeding on planets. He is a cosmic being who needs a lot of energy to survive and can only get that same energy from consuming worlds and their inhabitants.

Like the current season of Fortnite inspired by Marvel comics, Galactus became the ultimate challenge to be faced.

It is rumored that the next season of the game will bring content from another Disney product: Star Wars. Images that circulated the Internet showed the character Din Djarin, from the series The Mandalorian, accompanied by “Baby Yoda”.

The new season of Fortnite starts later this week, its details will be revealed soon.

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